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fuck thats all

ok well should i talk about me now??
well im a loser that cant be loved by no one
and i like to make website's
and i like to chat with my friends
that is if they feel like talking to me
only 4 of my friends are talking to me and they are dani2442
cat,angie and mandie well im forgetting mary
so these are the only people talking to me cause they want to
and i like to write when im in the mood that is
and learning new things like this html code thingy and writing poems well i suck at that
and i like to draw i haven't draw anything in years though
and i don't like to go to chat and make new friends either ok
why you may ask cause i try to and all they do and lie just like some people i know so im not going to go and chat with some lairs ok
i like to surf the web alot
i read alot of poems like depressing poems and love poems
and i like to read my friends livejournals i got a few of my own
i'll write some more about me later

somemore from the loser
now i'm hated by many people
well fuck it and fuck them
i don't care i am me
and if they don't like it then fuck them
i do what i want to do and when i want to do it
if i'm so fucking annoying then don't talk to me
if you hate me so fucking much then don't talk to me

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